VIDEO: USA vs. Canada, IHF Challenge Cup

USA’s Orton Fofana about to take a hard foul in the closing minutes. (Check video 8 of 8 at around the 6 minute mark to see how cooler heads prevailed.)

Alberta Team Handball has posted video of the USA – Canada, Men’s Under 20 group play match that was played in Mexico this past November.   Canada won that contest 37-30 and later beat the Americans 40-38 in the Bronze Medal match.

It doesn’t take long to see how pivotal the back court tandem of Fofana, Binderis and Galindo were to the U.S. performance.  These players definitely have a future with the U.S. national team.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8

Player #, Name, Club/country of residence, goals scored
#1, Chris Hesser, Dynamo HC, Goalie
#2, Stefan Paunovic, Denmark, 0 goals
#3, Tylert Shukert, Minnesota HC, 0 goals
#5, Domenic Lapore, Salt Lake City, 0 goals
#6, Jerome Nohr, Germany, 0 goals
#7, Ian Pinson, LA THC, 1 goal
#8, Orton Fofana, France, 10 goals
#11, Alex Binderis, Sweden, 4 goals
#15, Javier Galindo, Spain, 9 goals
#16, David Brown, West Point, Goalie
#17, Andrew Donlin, Air Force, 2 goals
#24, Connor Holt, West Point, 2 goals
#25, Ryan Petersen, Cary HC, 0 goals

THN (23 Nov 2012): IHF Challenge Cup: Some numbers behind the results



USA Team Handball selects Christian Latulippe as Men’s Head Coach for Pan American Championships

New USA Men's Coach: Christian Latullipe

USA Team Handball has posted the following update on their Facebook Page:

Staff Selection Committee Announces Choices

General Manager Dave Gascon today announced the long awaited selections of staff for the upcoming USATH Men’s National Team (MNT) as they will venture to Argentina for the Pan American Championships, which is also a qualifier for the 2013 World Championships in Spain.

“I am pleased to announce that our selection committee of Olympians Rod Oshita, Bob Djokovich, and Michael Lenard has selected Christian Latulippe as Head Coach, Michael Tilton as Assistant Coach, and Mariusz Wartalowicz as Team Leader for this event. I know the committee spent considerable time and effort evaluating all the candidates in order to provide us with the best possible selections. I am very impressed with the professional and thoughtful process with which they approached their responsibilities. USA Team Handball is grateful to them for their time and commitment to our Men’s National Team Program.”

The Pan Am Championships are scheduled for June 18-24, and although the timeline is not yet finalized, Gascon addressed the possible schedule. “Our tentative goal is to depart for Argentina June 10th and to try to get in a solid week of training before the tournament begins. The athlete selection process is being finalized and we hope to have a team selected around the 23rd of May.

We are hopeful that our newly appointed staff and the athletes will bond quickly and that the team will jell within the week. It will be quite intense,” said an optimistic Gascon. I expect our MNT Selection Committee will pick a great team to represent the United States for this important competition.”

Gascon has indicated he will ask for the assistance of 2011 Pan Am Games Head Coach Darrick Heath and Assistant Coach Wade Sutton, as well as former Pan Am Games MNT player Daniel Kimmich, to serve in some capacity on the selection committee. Latulippe, Tilton, and Wartalowicz will round out the panel.

This will be Latullipe’s second go round as a USA National Team Coach.  From 2004-2007, he was the coach of the USA Women’s Team and was instrumental in the setup and organization of the residency program in Cortland, NY.  In March of 2007, Latulippe, was abruptly replaced (fired, resigned, reassigned- take your pick) as coach shortly before key qualification matches for the 2007 PANAM Games.  Latullipe, a Quebecois Canadian, has been coaching club handball in France where he was recently the head coach of 2nd Division Women’s side, La Motte Servolex.   He also was the assistant coach for the Canadian Men at the 2011 PANAM Games.

The assistant coach, Mike Tilton, is the current West Point Men’s coach.

THN (13 Mar 2007): USA Women’s National Team Coach Resigns:
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West Point Team Handball Website (Coaches):



Gary Hines and Team USA will take on Canada in Guadalajara


I will provide a live audio commentary of Saturday’s match between the USA and Canada.  This consolation semifinal is scheduled for 1:30 PM (U.S. East Coast Time).  Last December the two teams split a two game series with each side losing by identical 25-21 scores on the road.  Canada won a ten minute overtime, but that was played in Montreal, so this neutral ground showdown will serve as the unofficial rubber match between the two rivals.

The audio and video links are below:



USA Federation Live Chat page:

Undoubtedly, time delays will make traditional commentary unpractical, so I will try to focus on the overall situation.  If you’ve got comments/questions post them on the ustream chat or Federation chat pages and I’ll try to respond.


PANAM Games: USA and Canadian Men lose again: Both relegated to 5th-8th place

USA defender, Domagoj Srsen, jumps high to block an Argentine jump shot

Both the USA and Canadian Men lost their second matches in Group play yesterday.  As expected the USA lost to Group favorite Argentina, 36-19.  Some solace, however, can be taken from a strong first half performance that saw the USA down only 12-9 at the break.  The Canadian Men got roughed up a bit more than I would expect by Chile, losing 42-25.  Based on results so far Chile may even give Brazil a run for the money in a Group A showdown on Thursday.

Men’s Competition Scenarios

Most of the suspense has been taken out of the Men’s Pool as the semifinal participants are now set.  In Group A, Brazil and Chile will advance, while Argentina and the Dominican Republic will advance out of Group B.  Those teams will play each other Thursday to determine who will get the higher seed.  Accordingly, the lower 4 teams are also set.  Canada and Venezuela from Group A and Mexico and the USA from Group B.  Again those teams will be seeded based on their head to head matches on Thursday.

Women’s Competition Scenarios

In Group A, Argentina and Mexico have secured spots in the semifinals.  Those two teams will battle on Wednesday to see who avoids Brazil in the Semifinals.  For the Mexican Women, this is surely a major Handball milestone.  In Group B, there is some suspense for the second spot due to the earlier Dominican Republic – Uruguay draw.  Currently, the Dominican Republic has a 35 goal differential lead over Uruguay, but that will be narrowed when the Dominicans take on Brazil in the first match of the day.  The USA will then have the opportunity to play the role of spoiler when they face Uruguay later in the evening.  Uruguay will know exactly how many goals they need to beat the USA by to advance and the USA should have the incentive to keep that number down or better, simply beat the Uruguayans.


PANAM Games: USA and Canadian Men lose and the battles for second place

Brazil had no problems with Canada on Sunday, but the Canadian Men still have a shot at the semifinals

Both the USA and Canadian Men lost their first matches in Group play yesterday.  The Canadian ran into a Brazil onslaught and lost 46-17 in a game in which the outcome was never in doubt.  Despite this  blowout, though, Canada can still qualify for the semis with victories over Chile and Venezuela.

Canada-Brazil Highlights:,,338880.html

In contrast the USA men lost a hard fought match which was closer than the final outcome of 27-22 indicates.  In fact, the USA had a slim lead most of the first half which ended at 11-11.  In the second half the USA appeared to take command in the first few minutes jumping out to a 16-13 lead in the first six minutes.  Following a time out the Dominican Republic was able to settle things down and a USA scoring dry spell resulted in a 17-17 tie score with 14 minutes left to go in the match.  The teams traded goals and with about 6 minutes to go in the match the Dominican Republic had a narrow 22-21 lead.  When the Dominican Republic pushed the lead to 2 goals, however, the USA was not able to respond and appeared to panic with an overly aggressive defense which allowed the Dominican Republic to pad the eventual final scoring margin.

In terms of individual performance, Martin Clemons Axelsson was a steady and reliable performer throughout the match and led the team with 8 goals.  Gary Hines struggled to get on track and the focused and physical Dominican Republic defense held him in check most of the evening.  For 55 minutes, goalie Danny Caparelli was outstanding with several huge saves on some point blank shots.  In the closing minutes, however, he was out of position away from the net allowing two easy goals (including one at the buzzer) for the Dominican Republic.  With Mexico capable of beating the Dominican Republic, the bloated 5 goal deficit may come back to haunt the USA in their match against Mexico on Thursday night.

USATH:  USA Men suffer loss to the Dominican Republic:

Video Page (I couldn’t find a USA – Dominican Highlight, but one may get posted later today.)

The Battles for 2nd Place

The first round of matches for both the Men’s and Women’s competition makes it fairly clear that the familiar sight of Brazil or Argentina at the top of their respective group is unlikely to change.  Accordingly, the only interesting battles will be the ones for second place and to help everyone follow along here are the current standings for each group, throwing out all the matches with Argentina and Brazil

Group A Women (Argentina likely winner)

2) Mexico 1-0-0 2 Points +1 GD
3) Puerto Rico 0-0-0 0 Points 0 GD
4) Chile 0-0-1 0 Points -1 GD

Head to Head Results
Saturday, October 15, Mexico 18, Chile 17
Monday, October 17 Puerto Rico vs Mexico
Wednesday, October 19 Puerto Rico vs Chile

Group B Women (Brazil likely winner)

2) Dominican Republic 0-1-0 1 Point +0 GD
3) Uruguay 0-1-0 1 Point -0 GD
4) USA 0-0-0 0 Points +00 GD

Head to Head Results
Saturday, October 15 Dominican Republic 24, Uruguay 24
Monday, October 17 USA vs Dominican Republic
Wednesday, October 19 USA vs Uruguay
(Note: Due to the Dominican Republic-Uruguay draw, the goal differential in the matches against Brazil could also be important

Group A Men (Brazil likely winner)

2) Chile 1-0-0 2 Points +9 GD
3) Canada 0-0-0 0 Points 0 GD
4) Venezuela 0-0-1 0 Points -9 GD

Head to Head Results
Sunday, October 16, Chile 37, Venezuela 28
Tuesday, October 18 Canada vs Chile
Thursday, October 20 Canada vs Venezuela

Group B Men (Argentina likely winner)

2) Dominican Republic 1-0-0 2 Points +5 GD
3) Mexico 0-0-0 0 Points 0 GD
4) USA 0-0-1 0 Points -5 GD

Head to Head Results
Sunday, October 16, Dominican Republic 27, USA 22
Tuesday, October 18 Mexico vs Dominican Republic
Thursday, October 20 Mexico vs USA



PANAM Games Open: Online video quality looks promising

Team USA at the PANAM Games Opening Ceremonies

The PANAM Games have officially started with the traditional opening ceremonies in Guadalajara, Mexico.  The festivities were shown live at and at .  Several Handball athletes can be seen in the ESPN3 replay: (Team USA enters the stadium at the 43:15 mark)

The website claims that they will have 12 channels in operation during the games and I was able to get a pretty decent video stream when sampling the videos they had available on demand. Hopefully, the same quality will be available for the matches on demand videos:

Canadian Delegation clip:,,338518.html
USA Delegation clip:,,338568.html

The USA women are scheduled to play against tournament favorites Brazil on Saturday, 15 October at 1:00 PM, (Guadalajara Local Time) which is the same as U.S. Central Time.  (This is 7 hours behind for most Europeans.)  If I find a Direct Link, I’ll post it and the USA website has indicated that they plan on having an open webchat running at the same time.


Canada at the Jr. World Championships

Canada's Daniel Audette in action vs. Hungary at the Jr World Championships

The Canadian Men’s Jr. Team participated at the International Handball Federation (IHF) Junior World Championships in Greece.  They placed 22nd out of 24 teams with an overall record of 1-0-6.  In Group Play they were not competitive, losing by an average score of 20-47.  In consolation play they fared better beating African representative Benin and losing to Chile in an overtime penalty shootout.  Casper Bilton, who plays club handball in Denmark, led the team in scoring for the tournament with 36 goals.  Alexandre Touzel was the 2nd leading scorer with 21 goals.

The IHF website and French handball website, Handzone, have a couple of feature articles on the team and it’s noted that each player had to pay around $10,000 (Canadian dollars) to participate in qualification competition in Venezuela and the final tournament in Greece.

Handzone Article:”Tough learning for Canada”

IHF:  “Canada: Our boys are fantastic”:

There’s also some pretty good footage from the match against Chile available on Youtube.

Video Highlights (Canada vs. Chile):

Commentary:  While the results for the Canadian team weren’t the best, from an American perspective it’s worth noting that are neighbors to the North were still able to put together a team of 19 and 20 year olds to participate in it.  Judging by the footage of the Chile match this was a credible team that knows how to play handball.  Not to mention the fact that a few of these players are already contributing members of their senior national team.

At this point in time I think the U.S. would be hard pressed to put together a similar team.  Other than our collegiate programs at West Point, Air Force and North Carolina we only have a few other players scattered around the country and a few based in Europe.  I doubt also, whether we have very many players willing to shell out around $10,000 to play.  In short, our talent pool is thinner and without some European transplants we may have well lost to Benin and Chile by 10 goals.  But, I could be wrong about this.  Perhaps we should start a yearly competitive series for Junior and Youth teams against Canada at Lake Placid/Montreal in the Summer months to find out.

Canada Results (Group Play)
Portugal 17:49 (5:25)
Sweden 20:40 (10:20)
Hungary 21:42 (9:19)
Iran 24:45 (16:25)
Spain 17:54 (11:27)

Consolation Play
Benin 23:22 (12:12) (Crossover 21-24th place)
Chile 26:27 (10:11) (Match for 22nd place)

Canadian Roster:
Canadian Cumulative Stats:


Canada to not compete at Women’s PATHF Championship

The Canadian Women’s national team will not be participating at the upcoming Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) Championships next week in Chile. In email correspondence, Canadian Handball Federation President, Ward Hrabi, indicated that several factors played a role in this decision which was made by the Federation’s Board of Directors. Chief among these factors was the unanticipated retirement of several veteran players and an insufficient number of skilled junior players ready or willing to make the commitment for national team training and competition. In particular, the lack of an experienced goalie was seen as a major handicap to fielding a competitive team.

Hrabi, added that the decision with its impact on future qualification tournaments was not taken lightly. As a result of this decision Canada is automatically relegated from the PATHF’s Elite Division to Division I status. Assuming that the current PATHF World Championship qualification system is used again for 2011, Canada will now be required to participate in a Division 1 Championship in Fall 2010. Additionally, at about the same time, qualification for the 2011 Pan American (PANAM) Games should also take place. In 2006 Canada beat the U.S. in a best of 3 match series to qualify for the 2007 PANAM Game.

2009 Women’s PATHF Championship:

Canadian Alexis Bertrand’s Club Ascends to French First Division

Led by Canadian Alexis Bertrand’s 6 goals, OC Cesson Handball defeated St Cyr Touraine 32-30 on Saturday. This victory by league leading Cesson at 3rd place St Cyr guarantees that Cesson will finish either first or second in Division 2. With that placement Cesson, which has flirted with promotion for the past few years will now play in France’s first division, the Ligue National de Handball (LNH) where they will take on the likes of Montpellier and Chambery.

Interview with Alexis Bertrand (April 2006):
OC Cesson website:
Photo: Alexis Bertrand:

Québec Youth Teams Fare Well in Prague Tournament

The Québec elite programs recently took part in the Prague handball cup in the Czech Republic , 389 teams from 21 countries took part in this year's edition the 18th. Quebec entered the tournament with a men and women's team in the 1990-91 categories .

On the men's side , there were a total of 45 teams in the MA category. Quebec managed to finish second in group play with 2 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss. The lost, however, in the 2nd round to Ajax Copenhagen, the eventual tournament winner, 16-12. The players of coach Sébastien Allard had a great tournament and they made Quebec handball proud .

On the women's side it was an amazing tournament as the girls won their first 6 games, including a victory over Ajax Copenhagen, one of the top twelve teams in Denmark. In the second round they remained undefeated winning both games and moved on to the semi-finals. In the semi-final match they overcame a deficit of 6-1 to tie HBC Slavia Praha. Unfortunately, they lost the shootout. In the Bronze medal game they lost by a score of 14-12 to MHK Bytca from Slovakia. Coaches Jean-Simon Bourgault and Marc St-Laurent were amazed by the quality of play that the girls showed throughout the tournament.

Quebec handball is really proud of these young athletes and their coaches and they are looking forward to their participation in the Granollers cup in Spain and Partille cup in Sweden this summer.

Link to Prague Handball Cup Tournament:

(Submitted by Marc St-Laurent of Québec Handball)

Canadian Men’s Coach Suspended for Two Years by PATHF

Canadian Handball Men’s Coach, Stefan Rusimov, has received a two year suspension from the PATHF for a spitting incident at the recently completed Men’s Pan American Handball Championships in Brazil. Shortly after Canada’s 23-21 loss against Uruguay, Coach Rusimov spit demonstratively on the court near the official’s feet.

In correspondence, with Team Handball News, Canadian Federation President, Ward Hrabi, confirmed that the incident took place and that the Canadian Federation “regrets that the coach’s emotions resulted in a momentary lapse of judgment.” The Canadian Federation, however, feels that the 2 year suspension is an excessive sanction relative to other transgressions by players and coaches in connection with PATHF events. They have requested that the PATHF provide more information concerning the incident and the resulting disciplinary action, but as of this date they have yet to receive any official communication from the PATHF.

Team Canada Tours in France in Preparation for Pan American Championships

Team Canada has been touring in France in preparation for the Men's Pan American Championships in Brazil (24-28 June). They based out of Saintes (France Div II) where National Team Member Alexis Bertand plays. Additionally, they played a tournament in Bordeaux. For more information check out the Canadian National Team Site and a player blog site:

A Handball Rhodes Scholar

Congratulations to Canadian Junior International Goalie Aaron Trachtenberg for being selected to the prestigious Rhodes Scholar program. Probably a safe bet that he is the most accomplished Handball player to ever be so honored.

Winnipeg Sun Article: