Live Video Streaming This Weekend- Women’s 2nd Leg Semifinals Added to the Slate

The EHF is once again providing live video streaming this weekend. In addition to the first leg of the Men Champions League Finale between Portland San Antonio and Ciudad Real, the Women’s 2nd semifinal matches will be shown as well.

And major kudos to the EHF for providing several interviews and news articles abut the upcoming matches on their website:

Here are the odds and some more information on the matchups

Portland San Antonio vs Ciudad Real

Ciudad Real at Portland San Antonio Saturday, 22 April, 6:00 PM Central European Time (CET)
Portland San Antonio at Ciudad Real Sunday, 30 April, 6:30 PM (CET)

Odds (courtesy of
To win the Champion’s League:
Portland San Antonio: +145 (Bet 100 to win 145)
Ciudad Real: -200 (Bet 200 to win 100)

Saturday’s Match: Portland San Antonio is a 1.5 goal favorite

Based on Ciudad Real’s impressive performance against Flensburg in the Semifinals and having the advantage of playing the return leg at home, I look for them to take the title. Portland San Antonio probably needs a 4 or 5 goal victory at home to have a decent chance of winning on aggregate.

I don’t know much about the Women’s teams that are playing, but both Viborg HK and Krim Lubjlana teams were able to win the first legs on the other team’s floor, so logically they are both big favorites to win again at home. The listed odds are courtesy of

First leg match result: Viborg HK 31, Astroc Sagunto 26
Astroc Sagunto at Viborg HK, Saturday 22 April, 7:00 PM CET
Vibork HK (to win): -1250 (Bet 1250 to win 100)
Tie match: +1400 (Bet 100 to win 1400)
Astroc Sagunto (to win): +850

First leg match result Krim Lujbljana 24, Aalborg DH 16
Aalborg DH at Krim Ljubljana, Sunday 23 April, 4:30 PM CET
Krim Ljubljana (to win): -455
Tie Match: +1200
Aalborg DH (to win): +410