Team Handball News (THN) is an independent news and opinion website focused on the Olympic sport of Team Handball. The focus is both on Developing Nations and World-Wide Handball news with an Independent perspective.

Developing Nations: In nations like the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia, Team Handball receives little, if any, coverage from main streams news sources. In the absence of main stream media coverage THN seeks to report on National team activities and club competitions in greater detail for these countries. This explains why you might see more articles about lower ranked National Teams than European National Teams, which while better, have multiple news sources.

World-Wide: While there is a developing nation focus, this doesn’t mean we don’t also cover major handball events. As global connectivity continues to improve it’s becoming easier to follow Handball from anywhere in the world. As English is the Lingua Franca for Handball, THN also seeks to provide coverage on significant Handball events around the world. As the top handball clubs are in Europe this will inherently result in a significant focus on the top European Clubs and leagues.

Independent Perspective: The IHF, EHF, and National Federations websites are a great source of information and they usually do a great job of self reporting. All organizations, however, lose a certain amount of objectivity when reporting on topics or issues that might put their own organization in a critical light. An even greater concern is when sensitive issues receive no coverage, as if they didn’t even exist. As an independent news source, THN will try to give these issues the coverage they deserve and report on them with objectivity. The goal quite simply will be to provide transparency and get all sides of the story.

Education and Development: Apart from our primary focus on Handball News, the site will also educate visitors on the sport and provide tips and advice on developing a handball program or club.

1,000 Posts and Counting: Some Thoughts from the Editor (18 Apr 2010): This commentary provides a more in-depth overview of the Team Handball News website’s focus and mission.

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