Men’s PanAm Championships Day 3: Scenarios for the Semifinals

Note: The following scenarios assume that Brazil and Argentina will remain undefeated in Group Play.

Group B

The USA will advance to the semifinals with either a Puerto Rico victory over Mexico or a tie between those two teams. If Mexico beats Puerto Rico goal differential in all group B matches will apply. The USA currently has a 20 goal advantage, but has yet to play Argentina which beat Puerto Rico by 18 and Mexico by 17.

Group A

Greenland will advance to the semifinals with either a win, tie, or a 1 goal loss today against Uruguay. If Uruguay beats Greenland the tiebreaker rules for 3 teams apply. The 1st tiebreaker is points among the matches involving the 3 teams (Greenland, Chile, and Uruguay). As this would be level at 2 points a piece, the next tiebreaker is goal differential among the matches involving the 3 teams. Greenland defeated Chile 32-30, Chile defeated Uruguay 27-26, and Greenland and Uruguay play today. Greenland is currently +2 and Uruguay is -1. Uruguay, therefore needs to win by 2 to advance to the semifinals. Chile’s goal differential is locked in at -1 and therefore can not advance unless they beat Brazil.