Eurosport Further Increases it’s Handball Presence

You might think that living in Europe that Team Handball is on TV all the time and that every major match is available for your viewing pleasure. Well, prior to this year that would have simply been wishful thinking as I watched yet another match of my favorite team, Montpellier.
This year, however, has been a different story, courtesy of the EHF’s contract with Eurosport. Case in point was this past weekend in which I watched the better part of all 4 matches in the European Club Championships in addition to the weekly LNM match (Nimes surprising draw against Montpellier). Add in several Women’s National Team matches from Norway and it was almost too much.

But starting this Saturday, it’s going to be downright silly! Over the course of 9 days, I will get to see 12 of the round of 16 Champions League matches on TV. And due to a lucky draw (lucky for me and other Eurosport watchers) the 4 matches I’m going to miss (Both legs of Gold Club Kozina – Portland San Antonio and GOG Svendborg – Ciudad Real) are probably going to be very one sided affairs.

Eurosport has also dramatically improved their website’s Handball news and information page: Overnight this page has become the best site (in English) for brief news updates on what’s happening in the handball world. Look for us to add an RSS feed in the very near future.