PATHF Division 1 Men’s Tournament in Full Swing

The Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) Division 1 tournament is taking place in Havana, Cuba. Five teams are participating: Cuba, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The tournament will take place over 5 days and will follow a single round robin format. The top 3 teams are scheduled to advance to the PATHF Elite Championships in Atlanta this June.

Cuba lived up to its role as the favorite by demolishing Mexico on the first day, 43:22. Canada and Puerto Rico played to a 27-27 draw and with each side also winning on Tuesday, both teams are in a good position to secure the 2nd and 3rd spots. As a result of their draw 2nd place could come down to goal differential should the teams still be level on points on Friday.

Its also important to note that the number of teams that advance to Atlanta could move up or down due to non court factors. Greenland is appealing their full member status with the PATHF and should they be reinstated the PATHF may decide to only advance two team. And while Cuba is the big favorite to win the tournament, the Cuban government may not approve a trip to the USA where USA law grants immediate residency to any Cubans that might chose to defect.

Finally, if you were wondering why Cuba is participating in the lower division when they have historically been one of the better teams in the PATHF the reason is their lack of participation in recent PATHF events. By not participating they failed to accrue enough points to make the last PATHF Elite Championships. The same problem also befell Canada, who despite their 3rd place finish in 2004 were not allowed to participate in the 2006 PATHF Elite Championships

Schedule and Results

Monday, 5 November 07
Canada – Puerto Rico (27:27)
Cuba – Mexico (43:22)

Tuesday, 6 November 07
Dominican Republic – Canada (19:25)
Mexico – Puerto Rico (20:25)

Wednesday, 7 November 07
Cuba – Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic – Mexico

Thursday, 8 November 07
Canada – Mexico
Cuba – Dominican Republic

Friday, 9 November 07
Puerto Rico – Dominican Republic
Cuba – Canada

Team GP W L D Pts GF GA GD
Canada 2 1 0 1 3 52 46 +6
Puerto Rico 2 1 0 1 3 52 47 +5
Cuba 1 1 0 0 2 43 22 +19
Dominican Republic 1 0 1 0 0 19 25 -6
Mexico 2 0 2 0 0 42 68 -26