Women’s World Championship (Scenarios for the Quarterfinals)

Going into the final day of Main Group play, here are the possibilities for the final standing of each Group:

[b]Main Group I: [/b] Norway is locked in as the #1 Seed and France is locked in as the #4 Seed, so they will play a meaningless warm up game on Tuesday. Russia and Angola will play head to head for 2nd place. In the event of a draw Russia will take 2nd on goal differential. Croatia and Macedonia will play for 5th place with the winner having the opportunity to play for 9th place. And as Norway has already qualified for the Olympics as the European Champion and Angola, is likely to do the same for Africa, the 9th place winner could very well be for the 7th and last spot in an Olympic Qualification tournament.

1) Norway
2) Russia or Angola
3) Russia or Angola
4) France
5) Croatia or Macedonia
6) Croatia or Macedonia

[b]Main Group 2:[/b] The picture in Main Group II is a little less clear. Germany currently leads the group with 7 points and Romania and Hungary are right behind with 6 points each. The winner of the Germany – Romania game will likely take 1st place. The loser will take 2nd or 3rd place depending on how well Hungary does against South Korea. Hungary will likely get 2nd place if they beat South Korea and 3rd place if they lose. And theoretically, Hungary can still get 1st place if Germany and Romania draw, but they would have to pick up 10 goals in goal differential. Spain controls their own destiny and with a win or draw against Poland they are through to the quarterfinals. South Korea needs to beat Poland and hope for a Spanish loss to make the quarterfinals.

1) Germany, Romania or Hungary
2) Germany, Romania or Hungary
3) Germany, Romania or Hungary
4) Spain or South Korea
5) Spain or South Korea
6) Poland

[b]Potential Quarter Final Pairings[/b]

[b]Upper Bracket[/b]
I-1st Place vs. II-4th Place (Norway) vs. (Spain or South Korea)
II-2nd Place vs. I-3rd Place (Germany, Romania or Hungary) vs. (Russia or Angola)

[b]Lower Bracket[/b]
II-1st Place vs. I-4th Place (Germany, Romania or Hungary) vs. France
I-2nd place vs. II-3rd place (Russia or Angola) vs. (Germany, Romania or Hungary)