Men’s PATHF Championship (Semifinals): Brazil and Argentina win close matches

Brazil and Argentina will again meet in the PATHF final for the 4th consecutive time, but this time around Cuba and Chile made sure it wasn’t a foregone conclusion. In the first semifinal Argentina held off Cuba 33-32. In the second semifinal, Brazil held off Chile for a 26-22 victory. Brazil dominated the first half leading 19-10 at the break. In the second half, however, they only managed 7 goals as Chile made the score respectable in the end. In all likelihood, though, Coach Ribera rested key players in the 2nd half in anticipation of their showdown with rival Argentina. There is no love lost between these two sides as evidenced by the brawl that erupted at the PANAM Games this past summer:

In the consolation semifinal Canada bowed out of the tournament with a 23-21 loss to Uruguay. The loss places Canada in 7th place and relegates them to Division 1. Alexis Bertrand scored 10 goals in the match to lead Canada. In the December 2009 timeframe Canada will participate in the Men’s Division 1 Championship with the Dominican Republic, USA and other nations that did not participate in this year’s PATHF Championship.

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