Men’s Group Play (Round 1) (Sun, 10 August) (Sat Night/Sun Morning in USA)

[b]Scheduled Matches (Beijing Local Time)[/b]
0900-1030 Match 1: Croatia vs. Spain **MSNBC Sunday, 1330-1530 [East Coast, USA Time]
1045-1215 Match 2: Russia vs. Iceland
1400-1530 Match 3: France vs. Brazil
1545-1715 Match 4: Germany vs. South Korea **MSNBC, Sunday 0500-0600 [East Coast, USA Time]
1900-2030 Match 5: Poland vs. China
2045-2215 Match 6: Denmark vs. Egypt

[b]Time zone addition/subtraction from Beijing[/b]
Sydney (Add 2 hours)
Berlin (Subtract 6 hours)
New York (Subtract 12 Hours) (First match starts at 2100 hrs, the day prior)
Los Angeles (Subtract 15 Hours) (First match starts at 1800 hrs, the day prior)

2008 Olympics Official Site Preview of Day's Matches:

[b]Video On Demand:[/b]
Suggested match(es) to watch: Based on match results, video we’ve seen and feedback from other Handball news sites we will suggest the top match of the day to watch. Match of the day suggest: Egypt vs. Denmark

[b]Notes: [/b]
– Some minor glitches encountered with the online video, but overall NBC is off to a great start. The video quality is pretty good, but you may need to experiment some with your settings. For instance, I found that my laptop picture was not nearly as good as my desktop picture. This could be due to my wi-fi connection or it may be due to slower processor speed on my laptop. Rest assured, you can get a quality picture. If you can‘t the problem might very well be your computer and/or Internet provider.
– Web streams were provided for 4 of the 6 matches yesterday. Coincidentally, or not coincidentally, the 2 matches that were not web streamed will be shown on MSNBC
– NBC has added Germany – South Korea to their MSNBC schedule on Sunday
– Ivano Balic had the honor of bearing the Croatian flag in the opening ceremonies: Romanian women's team captain, Valeria Bese did the honours for her country.
– Betting lines: According to betting comparison site these are the point spread for Sunday’s matches: Croatia (-0.5 goal favorite), Russia (-0.5), France (-9.5), Germany -4.5), Poland (-10.5), Denmark (-6)

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AP Summary:
Beijing Official Site Summary:

Detailed Results:

[b]Group A[/b]
Croatia 31 – Spain 29
France 34 – Brazil 26
Poland 33 – China 19

[b]Group B[/b]
Iceland 33 – Russia 31
Germany 27 – South Korea 23
Denmark 29 – Egypt 29

[b]Standings: [/b]