Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony: “I wanna play handball man”

Add NBA basketball star Carmelo Anthony to the growing list of Handball aficionados. In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Anthony, a member of the USA Gold medal basketball team, was asked if there was another sport that he thought he could play? Anthony responded:

"I wanna play handball, man. The U.S. needs to get a handball team. I'm pretty sure we can get some guys to go out there and play handball.”

We’ll see if he follows through for 2012. I have my doubts as to whether top of the line basketball players will ever get near a basketball court. But, I think Anthony’s new found love for a sport he had never seen before is further proof to my argument that if Handball is shown on TV to new audiences people will watch.
Rocky Mountain News: 7 Questions for Carmelo Anthony: