Women’s Div 1 PATHF Championships (Semifinal Results)

Mexico and Chile left no doubt as to which teams deserve to advance to the Women’s PATHF Championships. In the first game Puerto Rico stayed close for a half against Chile, trailing only 17-16 at the break. Chile dominated the 2nd half, however, and cruised to a 36-23 victory. The 2nd game between Mexico and the USA was no contest as the Mexicans led 16-8 at the half and continued to extend their lead to the eventual 33-14 final margin.

Mexico and Chile will play for Gold tomorrow, while the USA and Puerto Rico will play for Bronze.

Mon., Nov. 24 Semifinals
Chile 36 – 23 Puerto Rico (17-16)
Mexico 33 -14 USA (16-8)
Source: Mexico Handball Forum http://handball.mforos.com/1179288/8092043-panamericano-adulto-femenino-1-division-resultados/