2011 Women’s World Championships awarded to Brazil

The Brazilian Federation webpage is reporting that the 2011 Women’s World Championships have been officially awarded to Brazil. An IHF article from last October had noted that Brazil was the only candidate, but apparently it has only recently become official. This marks the first time that a senior Men’s or Women’s event has been staged in the Americas.

The tournament will not be staged throughout the country and instead will be centered in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. Santa Catarina is in Southern Brazil, is a hotbed for handball and has a strong European influence.

Brazil’s hosting of the World Championship will mean (according to current qualification rules) that the Pan American region will qualify at least 4 teams for the tournament. Should Brazil or another Pan American team finish in 9th place or better at the 2009 World Championships in China this December an additional 5th nation would qualify.

Brazilian Federation Notice (Portuguese): http://www.ligahand.com.br/brasilhandebol/notgeral.php?noticia=180
Wikipedia article on Santa Catarina: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Catarina_(state)