PATHF Women’s Championship: Argentina takes Gold in Overtime; Chile secures Bronze and final WC ticket in Double Over Time

Earlier today, for the 4th consecutive time Brazil and Argentina met in the Gold Medal game of the Women‘s PATHF Championship. But unlike the 3 previous matches Argentina came away the victory against the heavily favored Brazilians. Tied 23-23 at the end of regulation, Argentina won in the 2×5 minute overtime period by a final score of 26-25. This victory marks the first crack in the total dominance the Brazilian women have had in recent years in all PATHF competitions.

In the bronze medal game Chile needed two overtimes to subdue the Dominican Republic by a final score of 34-30. According to an account on the Chile Federation webpage, Chile was fortunate to send the game into overtime at the end of the regulation. The Dominican Republic took a 23-22 lead when Judith Granados scored one of her 13 goals with 5.4 seconds left. Chile, however, was able to immediately strike back with a tying goal by Inga Feutchmann to send it into overtime tied 23-23. The first overtime ended 27-27 and the 2nd overtime saw Chile pull away for the 34-30 victory. The win means that Chile will attend it’s first ever World Championship later this year in China. The Dominican Republic which qualified for 2007 will stay home.

In a game to decide 5th place, Mexico and Uruguay played to a 23-23 tie. By virtue of their larger victory over Uruguay, Mexico secures 5th place. Paraguay which lost to both Mexico and Uruguay finished in 7th place. Along with Canada, which did not participate they will be relegated to the Division 1 Championship tournament tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2010.

Editor’s note: In an odd coincidence all 3 matches played on the final day ended regulation with a 23-23 tie. I estimate the odds of all 3 matches being drawn as 500-1. The odds that they would all be drawn with the same score: At least 5,000-1 and probably more.

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