EHF “punishes” Romania with threat of exclusion

The EHF has announced the results of another arbitration decision. This time the case revolves around a 2009 World Championship qualification match between Romania and Montenegro held on June 14, 2008 in Oradea, Romania. In the first match of the two game aggregate series Montenegro defeated Romania 31-27 in Montenegro. Prior to the second match in Romania the Danish officials, Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen, were offered money (reportedly 30,000 Euros each) by the vice-president of the Romanian Handball Federation, Mr. Palau Petre and by the Romanian National Team coach, Mr. Aihan Omer to secure a favorable result for Romania. The Danish referees reportedly declined the offer and informed both the EHF and Danish Federation officials of the said solicitation immediately after the match. The match was won by Romania 29-24, resulting in Romania qualifying for the World Championships on aggregate 56-55.

Despite the Danish officials report, the EHF took no action immediately following the solicitation. Later, following the media reports of the Flensburg – Kiel scandal, Gjeding and Hansen reported the alleged solicitation again to EHF officials. As a result of their subsequent investigation the EHF has banned Omer and Petre from international and EHF competitions for 5 years. The Romanian Federation has been fined 27,500 Euros and their Men’s National Team has been “punished” with the threat of a two year exclusion for the next four years. In simple terms this means that Romania could be excluded from competition for two years if they get caught again sometime in the next four years.

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