USA declines to send team to Men’s Div 1 PATHF Championships

The Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) Men’s Division 1 Championships will take place in the Dominican Republic from 2-7 November, 2010. Seven nations will be participating: Canada, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and the host nation. The first and second place nations from this tournament will qualify for the Senior Men’s Championship this summer in Chile. The top 3 finishers from that tournament will then qualify for the 2011 World Championships in Sweden.

Notably absent from the tournament is the United States, which for the second straight time will not participate in Men’s PATHF Championship events. In 2008, the USA was originally scheduled to host the Men’s Championship tournament in Atlanta, but ceded that right to Brazil when the Dekalb International Training Center reneged on hosting commitments. Later in May of 2008, just as the new USA Federation was launched the U.S. also declined to participate in the tournament in Brazil due to lack of preparation. Prior to 2008, the USA had participated in the first 12 PATHF Championships dating back to 1979.

In June of this year, USA Team Handball had indicated plans to participate in this tournament as Mariusz Wartalowicz, Technical Director of USA Team Handball was quoted shortly after a Men’s team trip to Germany:

“We hope to use the momentum created by this trip and announce shortly the road map for all aspiring athletes to qualify for USA Senior Men's National Team which will be participating in PATHF's Division 1 Tournament in the Dominican Republic, Nov. 3-7, 2009.”

Additionally, the Men's PATHF Div 1 tournament is listed as an "event" on USA Team Handball's Events Webpage:
A one sentence note, however, in a Board Director’s meeting minutes from July, indicates that Team USA’s decision not to participate is probably related to the desire to form a separate North American Federation:

“As part of this process, USATH is orienting national teams towards Europe for competitions, friendly tours, etc. until the continental question is resolved. The Board unanimously voted to support this direction.”

An email request for more information/clarification from USA Team Handball has been sent.

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