IHF meets with representatives of European top men’s clubs – participants appear satisfied

Last month I indicated http://teamhandballnews.com/news.php?item.1081 that the IHF had called a meeting to discuss compensation fees for clubs and insurance coverage for their players who are participating in IHF World Championships. This meeting was held on September 17. Significant was that, for the first time, IHF gave recognition to the entities (FCH and GCH) formally representing these clubs, by inviting the FCH and GCH presidents to attend, in addition to representatives from the top national federations.

This IHF meeting comes after significant progress had already been made at the continental level, between the EHF and the clubs. It also comes at a time when similar strong pressures exist in football, where the club representatives are satisfied with UEFA but express strong dissatisfaction with the IHF’s counterpart, FIFA. http://www.groupclubhandball.com/?p=941

Judging from the relatively few comments that have appeared in sports media so far, following the official IHF announcement today, http://www.ihf.info//MediaCenter/News/NewsDetails/tabid/130/Default.aspx?ID=458 the initial reactions from the club representatives are quite favorable. As indicated in greater detail in the IHF announcement, the IHF is prepared to set aside substantial amounts from the World Championship revenue.

There will be compensation payments in the order of 1 million Swiss Francs, qualification payments, prize money and insurance coverage approaching in aggregate an amount of close to 4 million Swiss Francs for each Men’s World Championship. There are, however, no indications regarding the intentions with regard to the Women’s Championships.