Brackets set for the Women’s World Championships

Surprising Angola sends Germany to the President's Cup

Preliminary Group play has concluded at the Women’s World Championships in Brazil.  Below are the respective matches/brackets for the “Round of 16”.

Quad 1
1B vs 4A Russia vs Iceland   (Sunday, 11 December, 1430)
3D vs 2C Sweden vs France (Monday, 12 December, 1430)
Quad 2
1D vs 4C Denmark vs Japan (Monday, 1715)
3B vs 2A South Korea vs Angola (Sunday, 1430)
Quad 3
1A vs 4B Norway vs Netherlands (Sunday, 1715)
3C vs 2D Romania vs Croatia (Monday, 1430)
Quad 4
1C vs 4D Brazil vs Cote d’Ivoire (Monday, 2000)
3A vs 2B Montenegro vs Spain (Sunday, 1715)|
(All times are local.  Sao Paulo is currently (GMT -2 hours) or 3 hours ahead of the U.S. East Coast.)
The winners of these “Round of 16” matches will play the other winner from their quad in the quarter finals on Wednesday, 14 December.   The semifinals will then be played on Friday, 16 December with the winner of Quad 1 playing the winner of Quad 2 and the winner of Quad 3 playing the winner of Quad 4.
The biggest news from preliminary group play is probably Angola’s 25-22 victory over Germany.  The win gave Angola a 2nd place finish and sent Germany into the President’s Cup (AKA, the little kid’s table) with all the other 5th and 6th place teams.  Also, of note, while Brazil finished in first place for their group, they had to come from behind for 34-33 victory over 5th place Tunisia.  Video highlights:
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