2015 WC Qual (Women)

The 2015 Women’s World Championship will be in Denmark, December 2015

Assuming the qualification format from previous World Championships is used the 24 spots will be awarded as follows:

1) Host: Denmark
1) Defending World Champion: Brazil
11) Europe: 
3) Asia: 
3) Africa:
4) Pan America: 
1) Oceania: 

Performance Places:  9 Performance places were awarded  to Continental Federations for each nation that placed 1st to 9th at the 2013 World Championships.  Europe was awarded 8 places and Pan  America was awarded 1 place.

Underline:  Nation advances (still in contention for World Championships)
Bold:  Nation qualifies for World Championships


European World Championships Qualification Group Play (October-December, 2014)
Nations which did not qualify for the 2014 European Championships will take part in Qualification Group Play.  The winner of each group will advance to the European World Championship Playoffs in June 2015

European Championships (December, 2014, Hungary/Croatia) (x Teams Qualify directly)
16 Nations will participate in the European Championship Finals. A TBD number of nations will directly qualify for the 2015 World Championships.  The remaining  nations will move on to the European WC playoffs.
Participants: Hungary, Croatia
European Championship Qualification: Link

European World Championship Playoffs (June, 2015)
The nations that advanced from qualification group play and the nations that didn’t qualify from the European Championship will be paired for home and away 2 game playoffs with the aggregate goals winner qualifying for the World Championships.



The PATHF nations have been divided into 3 regions and each region conducts a tournament for qualification to the Pan American Championships.  (Note: PATHF nations are grouped differently for WC qualification and Olympic qualification events.  More information:  Link)

The 3 regions and their available slots are:

North and Caribbean (Spring, 2015) (4 slots):
Potential participants:  Barbados, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Greenland, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States

Central (Spring, 2015) (1 slot)
Potential Participants: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama

South (Spring, 2015) (5 slots)
Potential participants: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela

(Note: one of the South slots will be awarded to a “developing handball nation”. The practical result of this is that one slot will be reserved for the top developing nation (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) and 4 spots will be available to the remaining nations (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay)

Pan American  Championships (June, 2015, Location: TBD)

Host:  TBD
North and Caribbean:
(Note:  Brazil, as the defending world champion has automatically qualified for the 2015 World Championships and its ranking position will not factor into the 4 Pan American slots to be awarded.  This will likely result in the 5th place nation qualifying for the 2015 World Championships.)



20th African Nations Championships (15-26  January, 2014, Algiers, Algeria)

Group A: Algeria, Congo, Senegal, Cameroon
Group B: Angola, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia



15h Asian Women’s Championships (Dec 2014, Location TBD)


OCEANIA QUALIFICATION (1 Nation): Spring 2015, Location TBD