EHF Champion's League Highlights Video

The EHF website has a new video available for viewing featuring competition and interviews of Women's Group Play. It is mostly in English, with some interviews in other languages.

Of particular interest is an interview with Brazilian National Team Player Alexandra Priscila do Nascimento who plays for Hypo (Austria).

A simple translation follows courtesy of Bjoern:

First her coach says that she is technically extremely talented (one of the best they ever had), but needs a lot of basic tactical training.

She starts out by saying that in Brazil she only practiced once a day, 3-4 days a week. Now she practices twice 7 days a week. It was very difficult for her to adjust to that change.

The coach emphasizes his good relations to Brazil and would like to see more Brazilians in Austria.

She intends to play until she is 26/27 and then retire and have a family. But she wants the Champion's-League trophy before that.