Champions League Semi-finals Update

Live stream video of the Champion’s League semi-finals will be available this Saturday, starting at 3:15 PM Central European Time (Don’t forget that Europe is already observing Daylight Savings Time, so that start time will be 8:15 AM on the North American East Coast)

Well, there were no major surprises in terms of which teams won last weekend as both Veszprem and Ciudad Real won at home for their first legs of the Champions League Semi-finals.

Veszprem won a narrow 29-27 victory over Portland San Antonio (Pamplona) which was somewhat to be expected as Portland is the superior team. For a while during the match it looked like Veszprem might be able to pull out a better margin of victory as they pulled ahead by 5 goals at one point. In the end Portland came back and it will be tough for Veszprem to stay within two goals this Sunday in Spain.

Odds: Courtesy of
Sunday’s Match: Portland San Antonio (-4.5)
To advance to the Champions League Final
Portland San Antonio: -285 (Bet 285 to win 100)
Veszprem: +195 (Bet 100 to win 195)

While it wasn’t a surprise that Ciudad Real won at home, their 9 goal thrashing of Flensburg (31-22) was more than expected. This puts Flensburg in the difficult position of having to win by 10 on Saturday. Of course, anything is possible: Ask Montpellier last year. It’s safe to say, however, that Ciudad Real will be a much tougher team to successfully pull that kind of an all out blitz.

Odds: Courtesy of
Sunday’s Match: 11/10 point spread not available
To advance to the Champions League Final
Ciudad Real: -2500 (Bet 2500 to win 100)
Flensburg: +725 (Bet 100 to win 725)

Odds to Win the Overall Championship
Ciudad Real: (-142) (Bet 142 to win 100)
Portland San Antonio: 1.4 to 1
Veszprem: 9 to 1
Flensburg: 20 to 1