USA Top 5 Poll (2 Way Split for #1)

The latest Top 5 Poll results are in:

Key: Club; First place votes, overall record, conference record, Last poll
1. New York City (2) 10-0-3 [10-0-3] -2nd
1. Atlanta Team Handball (1) 15-1-4 [8-0-2] -1st
3. New York Athletic Club (1) 5-0-0 –Not Ranked
4. Cal Heat 6-0-0 [6-0-0] -4th
5. Atlanta Metro Condors 15-0-5 [7-0-3] -3rd

Dropped Out: NJ-Adelphi
Others Receiving Votes: Carolina, NJ-Adelphi, Benedict

Atlanta Team Handball’s 3rd place performance at the Carolina Blue Cup and SETHC loss to rival Atlanta Metro Condors resulted in an idle NYC picking up some votes and a share of the top spot. The New York Athletic Club (NYAC) took the Blue Cup title and vaulted into #3. (In fact the moniker challenged NYAC (or is it Garden City?, or maybe NJ-Adelphi?) would probably be ranked 1st if they could decide to stick with one name and a consistent roster.) Cal Heat held steady in 4th place and the Atlanta Metro Condors dropped to 5th after their disappointing 4th place Blue Cup performance.

The esteemed panel of voters consists of Andrew Washington, Christian Latulippe, Bogdan Pasat, and Karl Laundy.

This file contains the composite records of the teams that were considered.
[link= March_2006.xls]file[/link]

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