USOC Posts Team Handball Decertification Documentation

As pointed out by Bernward from Cal Heat in the chatbox, the USOC has now dedicated a portion of their website’s Governance area to Team Handball’s decertification. These documents have been previously posted at with the exception of Jim Thome’s, Jan O’Shea’s and Matt Van Houten’s responses to the USOC compliant. The site can be accessed at

Also, of interest, is a public notice for interested organizations to apply to become the NGB for Modern Pentathlon. A short web search did not turn up much on Pentathlon’s governance issues other than a short sentence in the NY Times which indicated that the current leadership had essentially abdicated responsibility of the sport to the USOC. As this somewhat parallel’s Team Handball’s current status, it would not be surprising to see a similar public notice for Team Handball at some point in the future.

One thought on “USOC Posts Team Handball Decertification Documentation

  1. Thanks John,
    It's great to have some communication. Interesting reading so far, I just hope the subsequent postings will get over the past and look to the forward. I think there has been enough mud slinging for everyone.

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