Champions League Update

There will be live video streaming again this weekend as the Men’s Champions League will conclude with the 2nd leg of the finals. As a result of Ciudad Real’s 25-19 away win at Portland San Antonio, there seems to be little doubt that Ciudad Real will be able to also win at home. And if you think that Portland San Antonio is going to somehow beat Ciudad Real by 7 goals in Ciudad Real, to win on aggregate you’re a real optimist.

Portland San Antonio at Ciudad Real, Sunday, 30 April, 6:30 PM CET
Ciudad Real is a 3.5 goal favorite

The Women’s Final has also been set. Krim Ljubljana of Slovenia will host Viborg HK of Denmark on Sunday, 14 May at 4:15 PM CET. The return leg in Denmark is scheduled for Saturday, 20 May at 7:15 PM CET