English Becomes Official Language at EHF Events

From the EHF Website’s summary of the EHF Congress Day 1:
http://home.eurohandball.com/ehf_files/ehf_news/jj_dayone/default.htm “ It was agreed, in line with professional EHF event management, that the official language at EHF events will be English in the future.“

Well, I for one think that this is a step in the right direction. Could this mean that the EHF’s forward thinking marketing strategy to provide live streaming of games will now also include English language commentary? Stay tuned. Maybe it’s time to activate the Anglophone Alliance to help push this along. http://teamhandball.blogspot.com/2005/07/time-for-anglophone-alliance.html

One thought on “English Becomes Official Language at EHF Events

  1. Interesting article on Water Polo in the US – they actually use Team Handball as a reference for several rule changes. The following is the web site: http://waterpoloplanet.com/HTML_link_pages/sh_FINA_High_School_Rules.html .

    The most amazing thing to me is that there are 42,000 High school players and almost 6000 senior players. A search on the origins og Water Polo leads on to the US being involoved in its early development. This lends credence to John's take on Team Handball not being an American invented sport. What does WP have that we do not? We don't need water, TH is more excessable to the mases – maybe we should go after people afraid to swim.

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