USA Nationals 2K6 (D)

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A missed opportunity.

How could this have happened?

The stage was set. The protagonists were there. The Town Hall meeting was the place to be that Friday afternoon…

Alas, noone came. Almost.

By my estimates, there were about 75 to 100 handballers in the audience. Atlanta was well represented. So was Houston. The eventual award winners and Q & A "volunteers" were the fillers. I was hoping that more would "trickle in".

So what does all of this mean?

It means that the "majority"of the "defunct USATH membership" remains numb to ALL the "off court" activities.
It means that the majority continues to feel that there is no reward in getting involved and being informed.
It means that the wounds, created by the recent high level turmoil, are not yet healed.
It means that each player, coach or parent associated with the sport of handball who did not attend, had better things to do.
It means, as it should, that actions speak louder than words… and those who were not in the audience sent in their message LOUD and CLEAR..
It means that slefishness is still alive and well amongst ourselves, the US team handballers.
It means that hypocrisy is an end to justify the means.
It means that we want to reap what we are not able to sow.

It means that we missed a great opportunity to show the USOC, and to each other, that we care. That, no matter what, we can and will do our best to promote the sport of team handball.

Sarcasm and individual agendas aside, the lack of interest displayed by those not attending the town hall meeting was the wrong message sent at the wrong time.
I'm certain that individual and collective excuses will be forthcoming in what should become another futile manifestation of misguided creativity and initiative.

2 thoughts on “USA Nationals 2K6 (D)

  1. The apathy (based on the number that di not attend) by the "membership" is dead on, However those that did attend did have concerns on a variety of issues and were able to express tham within the limited time. I for one believe that meeting could have gone on for another hour but alas we ran out of time. What is your opinion of what Mike and Jay had to say?

  2. I agree with you. All Q&A sessions CAN and WILL go on for hours. Unfortunately, there was a timeframe set from the onset and the time ran out. I can assure you it was not by design.

    By no means did try to imply that those present were not concerned. I did however try to describe how very few of the members are concerned with the present and the future of this sport. 15% is the number.

    On the other hand, 85% of the memebrship had better things to do that afternoon. I for one, respect that. I really do…

    My personal opinion, and I have already made this disclaimer a while back… "it's hard to report objectively when you are involved subjectively…", is that the meeting was first class. There were some questions that did not receive the straight forward answers they deserved. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the questions. The listeners will have to deduce the Qs based on the As.

    Overall, the opportunity was there for everyone to express themselves.

    Mike and Jay did what they set out to do. They did not want to rehash the past. They had an agenda and they came before US to inform and to finally connect with us. I thought Mike was very direct and did not tiptoed around any issues. He may have not answered some of the questions as directly as I would have liked but he did address every issue brought forward.

    Just because we do not get the answer we want or expect, that does not mean that the issue was no addressed. We're grown men and women. We demand personal accountanility from our leaders and representatives, yet most of us can't even define the word…

    The message was clear. More than ever we need to stop bickering and build this sport. How we do it is up to all of us. WE are given the opportunity to build this sport. There is no right or wrong.

    New leaders shall emerge. The USOC is not in the business of building and babysitting our sport. Teh USOC is our sport's "ventilator". WE, the players, the coaches, etc have to bring the sport back on its feet. Like it or not this is where we are. Once we can accept reality we will succeed.

    Remember what I said about personal accountability?
    (Accountability refers to the pyramid of responsibility beginning with the individual and building to top management)

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