USA Nationals 2K6 (E)

[color=#0000ff]Part V:[/color]

Afternoon delight.

FAATTHM (Friday afternoon after the town hall meeting) resumed.

All eyes were on the Elite matchups as Fridays have been known to make or break teams. Today wasn't any different.

But first the Women's Division saw Carolina held on for dear life against a very exhuberant Condor team and a fan favorite. On court 2, Rock surprised the Smurfs and walked away with a well deserved tie. Knight Air and the Condors joined both West Point teams in the winner's circle in the Mens D1.

In the Men's Elite Division, Utah fell to Chicago, in a very close game, and the Firehawks (0-2) followed suit against Carolina. A very powerful Miami Sharks team won convincingly against the Freeze (0-2). The Stars could not avoid their second consecutive 0 for Friday in as many years, falling to LATH in a game of missed opportunities. Two hours later Salt Lake (0-2) joined the Stars, Freeze and Firehawks in the losers bracket after losing their nightcap against NYAC.

The game of the day featured the Sharks and the Condors. Miami dominated the game from start to finish. In what can only be described as the most dominating performances by a goalie in recent Nationals history, Sharks' goalie Zael Chappotin shut out the Condors for the first 18 fminutes. Halftime score: 11-1 Miami, with the lone Condor goal coming while Zael was serving a tacky 2 minute suspension. Whatever works, righ?
Despite Darrick Heath's on court presence, the Condors [i]looked[/i] overmatched in the second half as well. Zaharia's men, led by the fearsome trio of Mark Ortega, Muris Lucarevic and the very [i]delightful[/i] Odael Marcos Puertas, kept on the pressure and were simply too much for the former champions. 21:11 final.