USA Nationals 2K6 (F)

[color=#0000ff]Part VI:[/color]

Settled scores.

Saturday. Time flies when you're playing handball. A full slate of games ahead. Too bad I can only be in one place.

Early in the AM, when the smell of fresh Starbucks coffee is still in the air, the ladies took front stage. For the second day in a row, the Smurfs end their game in a tie. 17:17 against Cortland. In the other two games, WP Black win their second game of the tournament by outrunning the Shooting Stars. Rock Handball on the other hand double up their oponent on the way to their 1st victory of the tournament against a lethargic Firehawks squad. Final 16:8.

The Elite games are next. The men look a bit slower than they did yesterday. Some of them seemed to have lost that spring on their steps. The competitive fire is still there. There are some scores to settle…
First up are the Condors who, after a humiliating loss to Miami less than 12 hours ago, have a lot to prove against their home town rivals, ATH. This time, the Condors came in and took care of business. ATH did make a a game of it but their swagger was gone. Behind Radji Mateen and Gary Hines' timely scoring, the Condor defense had also arrived. The 12:9 final score in favor of the Condors did more than just settle a [link=]monthlong score[/link]. It rejuvenated an entire Condor Empire; Miami was now just a bump in the road.

While the Condors and ATH do battle on Court 3, Court 1 featured another marquee matchup. East Coast Vs. West Coast. NYAC Vs Cal Heat. This one was a thriller and may have been the game to watch but alas… NYAC won by one. 11:10. Somebody needs to tape these games…

Carolina took care of Chicago in a game that lacked the "built up" but delivered in quality. Another thriller. Another one goal win. 15:14.

The 11:00 AM games featured two games from the 9 thru 12 bracket and another veritable derby: Miami vs. LATH.
Salt Lake and Houston Stars win their first tournament games as they defeat the Firehawks and the Freeze respectively.
On Court 3, Miami confirmed their form by demolishing an experienced LATH team. 15:9 final. Miami is for real folks.