Men’s Pan Am Championships Update

Group B

The USA rebounded from an opening round 28-28 tie vs. Mexico to defeat Puerto Rico 28-25 in a key Group B Match-up. The USA will likely advance to the semifinals if Puerto Rico defeats Mexico. If Mexico defeats Puerto Rico, goal differential will decide who advances between Mexico and the USA. This, of course, assumes that Argentina goes undefeated in Group play and that standard IHF tie-breaker rules are in effect. (i.e., for two teams with the same points the tie-breakers are head to head competition, followed by goal differential in all group matches, followed by total goals scored in all matches. If Mexico does beat Puerto Rico, the USA will know going into their match with Argentina the goal differential they will need to reach the semifinals.

Group A

Greenland defeated Chile in a key first round match up 32-30. The outcome of today’s Uruguay-Chile match up (currently in progress) will be pivotal in determining the scenarios for advancement that will likely hinge on the final group A game between Greenland and Uruguay. (This logic, of course, assumes that Brazil will go undefeated in group play.)