Champions League in Jeapordy?

The EHF provided this press release recently:

I'm still looking for the full story behind this development and anyone with more information is welcome to chime in the comments section.

Meanwhile, today I read in L'Equipe, that 14 Men's Handball Clubs are forming a G-14 to make sure that their views are adequately considered by the EHF. This is similar to a self appointed grouping of soccer club powers in Europe and could theorhetically be the precursor to a new league or tournament. The 14 teams include 4 clubs each from Spain and Germany, plus one from France, Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark, Croation, and Russia. Already, the German and Spain leagues have pressed the EHF to move Champions League matches from the Weekend to mid-week. This might seem surprising, but simply reflects the German and Spanish league perspective that their National Leagues are more important than the Champions League.