USOC Olympic Assembly Meeting

This past week the United States Olympic Committee had its second annual meeting last week. Here are a few links to reports on the event: (We will add more as we find or hear about them)

USOC (Schedule of Events):

LA Times: USOC Draws Up a New Strategy:,1,7366511.story
– Mentions that the USOC is eager to explore the feasibility of an Olympic Sports Channel on Cable TV

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph: USOC Taking Conrol of NGBs:
– Mentions Team Handball’s decertification
– Notes that international perception that USA NGBs are poorly run hurts US bids to host Olympics as NGBs are responsible for organizing the competition

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph: USOC Opts for a New Bid Approach:
– Highlights changes to the USA selection process for Olympic City Bids
– Notes the Olympic TV Channel that is being considered

Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph: USOC fears that young people don’t care about Games

Matt Van Houten Myspace:
– Matt Van Houten's report on the meeting

Houston Chronicle: US Olympic Channel May Be Coming Soon:
– Highlights that the USOC would like the channel to be availabile prior to 2008 Olympics