Central American and Caribbean Games (Final Results)

Women's Competition

GOLD – Cuba
SILVER – Dominican Republic
BRONZE – Puerto Rico
4th – Mexico
5th – El Salvador
6th – Guatemala

Cuba dominated the competition. Excluding a puzzling loss to Guatemala, they won every match by average of 25 goals with the Dominican Republic coming the closest with an 8 goal loss in the final. Puerto Rico, which had lost to Mexico 28-16 in pool play, turned the tables to beat Mexico, 23-19 for 3rd place. Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, have also now qualified for the 2007 Pan Am Games in Brazil. Mexico as the 4th place team, qualifies for the repechage (or second chance) tournament and has the option of hosting. The other participants will be the USA-Canada loser, the 4th place South American team and El Salvador (the 5th place team from these games)

Men's Competition

GOLD – Dominican Republic
BRONZE – Mexico
4th- Puerto Rico
5th – Honduras
6th – Venezuela
7th – Guatemala

The Dominican Republic pulled off a surprise 32-28 victory in the championship game, beating a Cuban team which had won all of its previous matches by an average of 21 goals. Mexico took the bronze beating Puerto Rico 33-28. As with the Women’s competition, the top 3 have qualified for the Pan Am Games, and Puerto Rico has the option of hosting the repechage tournament. As the recent US matches with Puerto Rico have been close (two friendly matches were split in Alabama and the USA had a 28-25 victory at the Pan Am Championships) there is plenty of incentive for the US and Canada to avoid a trip down to Puerto Rico.

A complete tabulation of the final results are available here: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=73440975&blogID=147935574&MyToken=aa040b7e-cc7b-471c-80c1-b8c9f4bb3186

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