Olympic Channel and 2016 Bid Cities

This article in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph http://olympics.gazette.com/fullstory.php?id=6794 highlights some of the hurdles a 24 hour Olympics TV channel will face in the US. If this channel does come to fruition it will be an excellent platform for Team Handball broadcasts.

The USOC has dropped Philadelphia and Houston from the short list of potential bid cities for the 2016 Olympics. http://www.gazette.com/display.php?id=1319642&secid=3 The remaining cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. I think the prospect that that the USOC might simply decide to not bid for the 2016 Olympics extremely unlikely. Still, it’s good posturing to ensure that these cities develop bids that are more likely to win IOC votes. Also, don’t be surprised if the US National Championships takes place at one of these three cities in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Channel and 2016 Bid Cities

  1. It would seem that the combined resources of the Clubs in the US could film the Nationals. This would provide coverage at zero cost tot he USOC and make it advantageous to but the games on the channel. With the number of Techies out there, we probably have the equipment available to make this happen. Even if there is no Channel, we could still stream it on the web.

  2. An amateur video could be done pretty easily and should be done by some motivated folks out there in the clubs. Some simple highlights and a few interviews would be of interest to the USA Team Handball Community. To make something that is acceptable for any television channel, however, there will need to be some professional production. The old Ticket 2 Sports Video http://www.ticket2sports.com/teamhndball1.html is an example of what would need to be done. As I remember these guys did not have an armada of equipment, but they had real cameras and knew what they were doing. Hopefully, a production like this could be done in the future, but I’m not sure what the cost would be and how it would fit into the overall budget.

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