ESPN’s Olympic Athlete Attempts to Make USA Women’s National Team

ESPN’s “Olympic Athlete,” Kathryne Bertine, will be writing about her experience this past August trying out for the US Women’s National Team Handball squad. Bertine is a former figure skater, rower, and triathlete who’s always had Olympic dreams and has been hired by ESPN to chronicle her attempts to try and find a spot on the 2008 Olympic Team.

The premise behind the writing assignment as highlighted at “Maybe you can identify with this. Some editors were sitting around watching the two-man luge event during the 2006 Winter Olympics. "Hey, I could do that," one of us said. "Anybody halfway athletic could do that." At that moment, an idea was born: What would happen if a better-than-average-but-not-great athlete, who also happened to be able to write, tried to make the U.S. Olympic team in the Summer Games' equivalent of the two-man luge?”

Her full write up on her first experience, trying out for Modern Pentathlon is here:

Her Personal Website:

We’ll link to her handball article when it’s posted at ESPN.