Champions League Week 4 (Our Picks)

[b]Last Week[/b]
Brest HC Meshkov vs [i]BM Ciudad Real (-7.5)[/i] Bet 200 on Ciudad Real at 1.85 (27-34) LOSE 200
RK "Bosna" Sarajevo vs [i]MKB Veszprém (-4.5)[/i] Bet 200 on Veszprem at 1.85 (25-31) WIN 170
[i]Chambery Savoie (-6.5)[/i] HB vs Wisla Plock S.A. Bet 100 on Wisla Plock at 1.85 (21-13) LOSE 100
[i]Crvena Zvezda Beograd (+5.5)[/i] vs KIF Kolding Elite A/S Bet 100 on Beograd at 1.85 (30-36) LOSE 100
Gain/Loss: -230 Euros

200 Euro Bets 2-2; -80
100 Euro Bets 1-3; -230
Current Bankroll: 690 Euros

Miguel had some tough losses last week, particularly Ciudad Real which let a 10 goal halftime lead evaporate into half goal handicap loss. I’m filling in this week, while he licks his wounds.

[b]This Week's Picks[/b]

Yuzhny vs Montpellier
You can call this match my “Ramadan” special. Montpellier now has 4 Arabic players from Tunisia. Wissem Hmam is a tremendous force, but with match time commencing at 17:00 CET, the effects of fasting could have a huge impact on his endurance, particularly in the 2nd half. The same goes for Issam Tej who is a force on defense. Couple this factor with the challenge of traveling to and playing in Ukraine and we could have the makings of an outright upset. Take Yuzhny and the 4.5 goals
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Yuzhny (+4.5 goals at 1.85)[/b]

Chehovskie Medvedi vs. Zagreb
I saw the tape of Chehovskie Medvedi against Flensburg last week and was very impressed with their performance. They were leading at halftime by 4 and if they had been able to finish their wide open shots in the 2nd half they might very well have come away with a difficult road victory in Germany. This match could very well decide who will take 2nd place in the group and they lost by 7 to Zagreb in the first match. Look for them to do everything possible to turn this match into an 8 goal victory. And if they play like they did at Flensburg they will do it.
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Chehovskie Medvedi (-4.5 goals at 1.70)[/b]

Svendborg vs. Constanta
I was not impressed with Constanta’s blow out loss to Kiel last week. Svendborg is a better team and they will pull out all the stops to win by 6 in Denmark and take the lead in head to head aggregate.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Svendborg (-4.5 goals at 1.90)[/b]

Chambery vs. Belgrade
Will the “hot” or “cold” Chambery team show up to play tonight? My guess is that the cold version will play tonight resulting in another close game with Belgrade.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Belgrade (+7.5 goals at 1.95)[/b]