About the About the Site and Contribute Pages

We’ve added an “About” webpage to our Home Directory. http://teamhandballnews.com/page.php?9 I’ve received queries from time to time as to just what is the focus of Team Handball News (THN) and I hope that this section will provide a little bit more clarity. Certainly, readers who have been with us since we first came on line in January will have noticed that the site has evolved considerably. Our original focus was to try and provide some sanity and transparency into the turmoil surrounding USA Team Handball’s decertification by the US Olympic Committee. We’ve since moved on from this narrow US focus to cover news in other countries and this is reflective both of our world-wide audience and the increasing global connectivity that is enabling fans to follow top competitions apart from their local area.

We’ve also added a “Contribute” section. http://teamhandballnews.com/page.php?10 No, we’re not looking for monetary donations, but we are looking for more people to write and conduct audio podcasts. As the primary contributor, I’ve tried to cover a wide variety of topics. While my interest in Handball is truly broad and global, my intent has also been, to a certain extent, to simply highlight what could be done. The reality is that as much as I’d like to, I can’t be everywhere and follow everything that’s going on in the Handball world. If we could add regular contributors from the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and other countries it would really enhance the site with more stories and better information from people closer to the action. Someone with a devoted interest in Women’s Handball would also be a great addition. Here are just a few possibilities of what could be done: opinion pieces on Handball Issues, reports on tournaments, audio interviews with coaches and players.

Bottom line: If you got a story to tell, write it down or make an audio recording and send it to us: editors@teamhandballnews.com