Champions League (Round of 16 Draw Results)

Here’s some very quick analysis on the Draw. We will provide more detail soon.

[b]Most Compelling:[/b] These two matchups should provide the most drama. Both Veszprem and Montpellier are more than capable of knocking out the higher seed.

Montpellier vs Barcelona
Veszprem vs Kolding

[b]Could be Interesting: [/b] The top seeds will be favored, but the second seeds have a legitimate chance to advance. They will need to get a good victory at home in the first match and then hold back the flood waters in the return match.

Pick Szeged vs Valladolid
Celje vs Flensburg
Chehovskie Medvedi vs Gummersbach

[b]Least Suspenseful: [/b] It would take a massive upset for the two Spanish sides and Kiel to get knocked out

Gold Club Kozina vs Portland San Antonio
GOG Svendborg vs Ciudad Real
Chambery vs Kiel