Champions League Week 5 (Our Picks)

[b]Last Week[/b]
[i]Yuzhny (+4.5)[/i] vs Montpellier Bet 200 on Yuzhny at 1.85 (24-27) WIN 170
[i]Chehovskie Medvedi (-4.5) [/i]vs. Zagreb Bet 200 on Chehovskie Medvedi at 1.70 (29-24) WIN 140
[i]Svendborg (-4.5)[/i] vs. Constanta Bet 100 on Svendborg at 1.90 (33-17) WIN 90
Chambery vs. [i]Belgrade (+7.5)[/i] Bet 100 on Belgrade at 1.95 (34-28) WIN 95
Gain/Loss: +495 Euros

200 Euro Bets 4-2; +230
100 Euro Bets 3-3; -45
Current Bankroll: 1,185 Euros

Well, it’s always nice to go 4-0 and climb out of debt. However, I’ll chalk up at least part of this success to simple good fortune. I’m not ready to quit my day job just yet. Miguel and I have teamed up for this week. Let’s hope we can continue the lucky streak.

[b]This Week's Picks[/b]

Odds courtesy of bwin:

Ciudad Real vs Pick Szeged
Real still has some injured players (Fis and Stefanson) but, Davis and Belaustegui have recovered. This Szeged squad isn’t as strong as last years. Evidence of this includes Kadetten Schaffhausen's draw and Ciudad Real's earlier 5 goal win in Hungary. The score for that game might have been worse, but the refs were a little bit more permissive than usual on defense. In Ciudad Real, the refs will rediscover that their whistles work and Ciudad Real will run up the score accordingly. 9.5 goals is a lot, but they should be able to do it.
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Ciudad Real (-9.5 goals at 1.72)[/b]

Kolding vs Chambery
Kolding has already beaten Chambery by 6 in France, so they should be able to do the same thing on their home floor. Kolding is in control of the group, and while there might be some danger of complacency I don’t think Chambery is currently capable of a strong road performance. Certainly their second half meltdown in Paris(13-13 at halftime, 31-23 loss at full time) in a key LNH match on Wednesday, doesn’t forecast any reason for a better performance in Denmark.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Kolding (-7.5 goals at 1.57) [/b]

Zagreb vs Flensburg
Flensburg is undefeated in Group D, but they have two tough matches ahead (this week at Zagreb and next week at Medvedi). Zagreb should be highly motivated to win and strengthen their hold on 2nd place in the group. While they can still qualify with a loss, they run the risk of Medvedi beating an unmotivated Flensburg (they will have 1st locked up) the following week. Add the fact, that Flensburg will have the tough task of playing in front of the Dom Sportova faithful and you have the makings of an upset.
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Zagreb (+1.5 goals at 1.85)[/b]

Veszprem vs Portland San Antonio
This match will decide 1st place for Group A. Portland San Antonio currently has a 7 goal lead against Veszprem on aggregate, but they are not at full strength with Kristian Kjelling out due to injury. And their away draw Wednesday night at 11th place Logrono is not a good sign. Nothing against this bottom of the table Spanish side, but I’d expect that Veszprem is more than just a little bit tougher place to play. Look for Portland San Antonio to hang on to its aggregate lead, but they should lose this match and lose by more than a goal and a half.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Veszprem (-1.5 goals at 1.75)[/b]