Champions League Week 6 (Our Picks)

[b]Last Week[/b]
[i]Ciudad Real (-9.5)[/i] vs Pick Szeged Bet 200 on Ciudad Real at 1.72 (32-25) LOSE 200
[i]Kolding (-7.5) [/i]vs. Chambery Bet 100 on Kolding at 1.57 (32-32) LOSE 100
[i]Zagreb (+1.5)[/i] vs. Flensburg Bet 200 on Zagreb at 1.85 (21-23) LOSE 200
[i]Veszprem (-1.5)[/i] vs Portland San Antonio Bet 100 on Veszprem at 1.75 (23-21) WIN 75
Gain/Loss: -425 Euros

200 Euro Bets 4-4; -170
100 Euro Bets 4-4; -70
Current Bankroll: 760 Euros (Started with a 1000)

Back down to earth this week with a disappointing 1-3 performance last week. I still can't believe Chambery pulling out a draw at
Kolding with Vuckovick on the bench. I guess that's why they play the game on the court instead of on paper. The last weekend has some interesting matchups with qualifying and seeding both at stake. The picks are mine, but with some key advice from betting tipster Miguel.

[b]This Week's Picks[/b]

Odds courtesy of Nordicbet:

Celje vs Gummersbach
This is the match of the weekend as first place and in all likelihood an easier round of 16 matchup is at stake. Celje is truly a tough
place to play, but I think Gummersbach is up to the task. The fast style of play they are using this year has them on the top of the standings in the German league. They might lose the match, but they will keep their aggregate 3 goal lead. Take Gummersbach and the 3.5 goals
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Gummersbach (+3.5 goals at 1.85)[/b]

Kadetten Schaufa vs Szeged
A true showdown between a Cinderella upstart and a traditional power from Hungary. Although, some would argue that Kadetten with several top Swiss players, Christian Rose from Germany and Martin Kovar from the Czech Republic is hardly a Cinderella. Kadetten also has the homecourt, but this is balanced out by the tradition and experience of Szeged, who is currently leading the Hungarian league. In my opinion it's a 50-50 toss-up, but since the books are giving Szeged an extra 1.5 goals, I'm going to take them.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Szeged (+1.5 goals at 1.85) [/b]

Chehovskie Medvedi vs Flensburg
Medvedi needs to tie or win to advance while this game has no bearing on Flensburg as they already have 1st place locked up. There's a lot of debate as to how Flensburg will play. Words off the court rarely have a real impact on the outcome of a match, but I think this game is an exception. Zagreb Coach Klajic's inflammatory comments insinuating that Flensburg wouldn't try very hard to win will come back to haunt him. Flensburg will start out with full motivation to win, but if Medvedi can extend the lead to 4 or 5 goals at some point in the match, chances are Flensburg will ease up a bit. Psychologically, under the surface, they are just not going to feel very bad about not being able to help out Zagreb.
[b]BET: 100 Euros on Medvedi (+3.5 goals at 1.70)[/b]

Montpellier vs Valladolid
This match will decide who wins Group H. Montpellier played well last weekend against Bregenz without Hmam and Burdet and they
should be back for Valladolid. Valladolid managed a 9 goal win in the first match in Spain, but threw the aggregate tie breaker out the window with their draw against A1 Bregenz. This match will be close, but I expect Valladolid to fall behind by a couple of goals at some point in the second half. When they overcompensate with aggressive offensive play the game will turn into a fast break duel. Which is never a battle you want to fight at Rene Bougnol as Monpellier celebrates their 100th game in European competition. Add in the fact that Valladolid managed just a 1 goal win at home against 15th place Almeria in their midweek Asobal match and the signs point to Montpellier. Look for them to blow the game open at the end of the match and cover the 4.5 goals.
[b]BET: 200 Euros on Montpellier (-4.5 goals at 1.90)[/b]