Great Moments in Bone-Headed Reverse Psychology

Zagreb Coach Nenad Klajic at the press conference following his team’s 21-23 loss to Flensburg: “I do not expect amazing things from Flensburg in Tschechow (Russia). We would rather come third in the group and gain international experience in the Cup Winner’s Cup. A top club in the last sixteen is still too early for this young team.”

Flensburg player, Johnny Jensen, who heard these words in the press conference, was flabbergasted: “Actually, we also want to win in Russia…”

As Zagreb needs Flensburg to win at Chehovskie Medvedi next weekend, Klajic’s comment are probably intended to incite the Germans into giving a 100% effort in a game that is meaningless to them now that Flensburg is assured 1st place. At least, I can’t imagine anyone in the world really wanting to play in the 3rd string Cup Winner’s Cup instead of the Champions League Round of 16.

Memo to coach Klajic: If you really want to go to the Cup Winner’s you don’t need to rely on a less than amazing Flensburg performance. All you have to do is lose to winless Skopje on Sunday. Here’s hoping that is exactly what happens.