Handball on TV in Australia

In a previous posting, I hypothesized that Australians could perhaps get Eurosport via French satellite offerings in the South Pacific. http://teamhandballnews.com/news.php?extend.153

Now that my cable system has added Eurosport 2 to their lineup I regularly check the Eurosport TV page and I noticed a schedule for Eurosport Asia/Pacific. A quick google search indicates that getting Eurosport is a lot simpler than I thought. In fact, best as I can tell there are two satellite options.

1) Select TV http://www.selectv.com.au/ This satellite service has the Eurosport Asia/Pacific channel as part of it’s $29.95 “Great TV” package.
2) LBF French Digital TV http://www.lbf.com.au/ This service will get you both Eurosport and Eurosport 2. The pricing on the website is somewhat confusing, but they are running a promotion for installation.

If I was living Down Under I’d go with option 2 as the French Eurosport channels offer more handball (the 12 games in 10 days my other post highlighted) Of course, the downside is that the broadcasts are in French as opposed to English.

Now if they can only get Eurosport on some North American system before I move back to the States……