Asian Games (Final Results)

[b]Men: [/b] Kuwait continued their recent string of Asian Competition victories by defeating the host team Qatar, 27-24 in a pretty physical gold medal match. Iran beat South Korea 31-27 for the bronze. This was Kuwait’s first Asian Games Gold, but they have won the last 3 Asian Handball Championships(2002,2004,2006). The 4 teams that made the semi-finals were also the same top 4 teams at the Asian Championships, earlier this year in Thailand. Of some note, is China placing a disappointing 11th place. With the 2008 Olympics only a year and half away the Chinese are rapidly running out of time if they hope to field a reasonably competitive team in Beijing.

[b]Men’s Final Ranking[/b]
1. Kuwait
2. Qatar
3. Iran
4. South Korea
5. Syria
6. Japan
7. Bahrain
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Lebanon
10. United Arab Emirates
11. China
12. India
13. Hong Kong
14. Uzbekistan
15. Macau

Preliminary Round Summary:
Main Round and Placement Matches:

[b]Women:[/b] The South Korea women continued their domination of Asia. They have never lost an Asian Games competition and they made their way through this one with an unblemished record. China, however, played them close in the semifinal losing 34-32. The top 4 teams in the standings here also placed in the top 4 at the Asian Championships earlier this year and they will participate in the 2007 World Championships in France next year.

[b]Women’s Final Ranking[/b]
1. South Korea
2. Kazakhstan
3. Japan
4. China
5. Taiwan
6. Uzbekistan
7. Thailand
8. India