Champions League (Round of 16- Second Leg) (Our Picks)

[b]Last Week’s Results[/b]
Vezprem (-4.5) vs Kolding Bet 100 on Veszprem at 1.80 (32-22) WIN 80
GOG Svendborg vs. Ciudad Real (-4.5) Bet 200 on Ciudad Real at 1.80 (28-33) WIN 160
Montpellier (-2.5) vs. Barcelona Bet 100 on Montpellier at 2.05 (28-25) WIN 105
Chambery vs. Kiel (-4.5) Bet 200 on Kiel at 1.72 (33-39) Win 144
Gain/Loss: +489 Euros

200 Euro Bets 7-5; +104
100 Euro Bets 8-4; +285
Current Bankroll: 1389 Euros (Started with a 1000)

4-0 last week, but before we start bragging too much we’ll acknowledge that Ciudad Real and Montpellier both were half goal wins that materialized in the last minute of each game. But we’ve had some games that bounced the other way earlier this year and as Napoleon once said, “I’d rather be lucky than good.”

[b]This Week's Picks[/b]

Odds courtesy of StanJames:

Thursday, 7 December
19:00 THW Kiel vs Chambery (37-27)

Friday, 8 December
19:15 SG Flensburg-(-5.5) vs Celje (+.5.5) 1.85 1.85

Saturday, 9 December
16:15 KIF Kolding (-1.5) vs MKB Veszprém KC (+1.5) 1.85 1.85
16:15 Portland San Anto (-10.5) vs RK Gold Club Kozina (+10.5) 1.85 1.85
16:15 BM Ciudad Real (-7.5) vs GOG Svedberg (+7.5) 1.85 1.85
16:30 FC Barcelona-Cifec (-5.5) vs Montpellier HB (+5.5) 1.85 1.85
19:30 VfL Gummersbach (-5.5) vs Chehovskie Med… (+5.5) 1.85 1.85

Sunday, 10 December
17:00 CBM Valladolid (-7.5) vs SC Pick Szeged (+7.5) 1.85 1.85

[b]Flensburg vs. Celje[/b]
Celje goalie Gorazd Skof is probably still recovering from the pounding he received from Flensburg shooters last weekend. Sometimes a goalie gets hot and sometimes a goalie is turned into a hero by pathetic, inaccurate shooting. In my opinion the latter happened in leg 1. And every missed shot not only caused Flensburg to lose a point, but also resulted in a Koscharov fast break goal- a 2 point penalty. I look for Flensburg to find the back of the net early and often in this match as they push to overcome the 10 goal deficit.
BET: 200 Euros on Flensburg (-5.5 goals at 1.85)

[b]Kolding – Veszprem[/b]
With a 10 goal win in leg 1, Veszprem is in the driver’s seat to reach the quarterfinals. They are an experienced team and they will know how to play with the goal aggregate: slowly, not trying to miss many balls and they will select their shots to avoid quick fastbreaks by Kolding. All this being said, Kolding can and should win this match on their home court. We expected a handicap line of 4 or 5 goals and were pleasantly surprised to see 1.5 goals at This narrow margin is well within Kolding‘s reach.
BET: 200 Euros on Kolding (-1.5 goals at 1.85)

[b]Barcelona vs. Montpellier[/b]
Montpellier held serve at Rene Bougnol, but playing at Barcelona will present a far greater challenge. With an ailing backcourt, Burdet out and Sioud and Hmam still not 100% they needed 10 goals from wing/wannabe playmaker center back Michel Guigou last weekend. Scoring from their set offense will be even more difficult at Palau Blaugrana. Last weekend, Barcelona actually controlled the game pretty well. They let Montpellier get a 3 goal lead in the last few minutes, but other teams have fared far worse in Montpellier. If they play just a little bit better than they did in the first leg they will win this match at home by 6 goals or more
BET: 100 Euros on Barcelona (-5.5 goals at 1.85)

[b]CBM Valladolid vs SC Pick Szeged[/b]
Interesting match between 2 totally different styles: speed, fastbreak and tremendous offensive power for Valladolid, against calm and rough Pick Szeged defense. Valladolid is coming off a a good win on Wednesday at Granollers, always a difficult court; after all Barcelona lost there recently. The draw in Hungary was a good result for the Spanish team and all they need to do is win by 1 on their own court. Pick Szeged showed that they capable of playing with Valladolid last weekend. Valladolid, will win but not by 8 goals.
BET: 100 Euros on Pick Szeged (+7.5 at 1.85)