WC 2007 Preparation Match Results (5 January)

Lauritz Knudsen Cup (Denmark)
Denmark – Poland (26-31)
Norway – Iceland (34-22)

Challenge Marrane (France) http://www.hand-ivry.org/affiche_journee_marrane_2007.php?id_rubrique=103
France – Czech Republic (38-25)
Tunisia – Ukraine (33-27)

Slovenia-Croatia Cup
Slovenia – Bosnia & Herzegovina (35-33)
Croatia – Greece (28-23)

Brazil – Dominican Republic (34-20) http://espnbrasil.uol.com.br/scripts/noticia/artigo.asp?idArtigo=104773

Big surprise of the evening was Poland beating Denmark in Denmark. The Polish Backcourt players were very effective from 9 Meters and they were able to keep the Danish fast breaks to a minimum. The Czech Republic played France even in the first half, 15-15, but could not withstand a French onslaught in the 2nd half. Barring another Ivry upset, France will play Tunisia in the Challenge Marrane final on Sunday.