World-Wide Handball Development (An Interview with the IHF)

Well, all 92 games from the World Championships are in the books as Germany took care of Poland with relative ease 29-24 to win the title. Anyone who saw any one of those matches already knows what a great sport Handball is. And having had the opportunity to attend several matches, I can personally attest that it would be pretty tough to beat the atmosphere of watching Germany play at home in front of a sold out crowd.

But what about the rest of the world? Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to interview IHF Treasurer, Miguel Roca, to discuss what the IHF is doing to try and further develop Handball world-wide. Topics included Challenge Tournaments, the President’s Cup, TV broadcasts, and the development of Handball in the United States. We just scratched the surface and hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to chat again in the future.


Note: I've solved the problem with the file formats, so you should be able to download this interview on your MP3 player.