PANAM Games 2nd Chance Tournament Schedule

The Women's 2nd Chance qualification tournament for the PANAM Games starts this evening in Mexico City. Mexico, USA, and Chile will play a round robin tournament and the winner and the winner will secure the 8th and final spot for the PANAM Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil later this summer.

Thursday, 29 March, 1700 USA vs Mexico
Friday, 30 March, 1700 USA vs Chile
Saturday, 31 March, 1200 Mexico vs Chile
(Listed start times are local and Mexico City is 2 hours behind the US East Coast.)

This information was taken from the USA Women’s National Team Press Release: and this Mexican Handball site:

US Women’s National Team Roster

Coach: Dawn Lewis
Assistant coach: Thomas Brond
Athletic Trainer Alissa Kordrupal

Back Courts
Megan Ballard
Edina Batar
Kathleen Darling
Tomuke Ebuwei-Holmes
Sarah Gascon

Left Wings
Tabitha Lowey
Sunny Chen

Right Wings
Melanie McCormick
Jennie Choi

Circle Runners
Anne Coulter
Jennifer Farrell

Goal Keepers
Jacquelyn Messel
Anca Stevens
Erika Bohn