Team USA Preparations for 2nd Chance Tourney

Chris Cappelmann, USA Men's Coach has announced the roster for the upcoming 2nd Chance Tournament in Chile. The selection consists of the following players

Troy Steffen, Wing, Atlanta Team Handball
Ryan Hansell, Wing, Atlanta Team Handball
Levi Henderson, Wing, Atlanta Metro Condors
Gill Bozeman, Wing, Atlanta Team Handball
Patrick Oliver, Circle, Atlanta Team Handball
Jeff Goss, Circle, Atlanta Team Handball
Gary Hines, Back, Tolimar Tres de Mayo (ESP)
Derek Brown, Back, Atlanta Metro Condors
Alex McGlynn, Back, Univ of North Carolina
Bill Bigham, Back, Atlanta Metro Condors
Divine Jackson, Back, NY Athletic Club
Tom Fitzgerald, Back, NY Athletic Club
Bobby Dunn, Back, NY Athletic Club (Withdrawn)
Darrick Heath, Back, Atlanta Metro Condors
Italo Zanzi, GK, Atlanta Team Handball
Danny Caparelli, GK, NY Athletic Club
Matt Van Houten, GK, NY Athletic Club

The US will conduct a training camp in Lake Shore, Alabama from 31 March to 2 April and then depart for Chile on 3 April. The tournament matches will be played in Nunoa, a suburb of Santiago, from 6-8 April 2007. Schedule: (To be confirmed)

6 April USA vs Venezuela
7 April USA vs Chile
8 April Chile vs Venezuela

The winner of the round robin tournament will secure the 8th and final spot for the PANAM Games this summer in Brazil.

More information on the tournament is available on the Chile Federation website: