2007 Nationals MVP and MVG

Fair and deserving awards.

Can't help but notice that this was a slavo-russian party and no one else was invited!!!!


[color=#ff0000]Elite Division:

MVG: Ivan Ignjatovic (New York City)
MVP: Zoran Ostojic (New York City)[/color]

[color=#0000ff]Women Division:

MVG: Nataliya Mitrjuk (Chicago Inter)
MVP: Sladjana Prvanov (Chicago Inter)[/color]

[color=#ff00ff]Men's Division:

MVG: Mario Djokic (Chicago Inter)
MVP: Jugo Redzic (Chicago Inter)[/color]

2 thoughts on “2007 Nationals MVP and MVG

  1. Just one corection.Ivan,Zoran,Sladjana and Mario are from Serbia(ex Yugoslavia),Nataliya is from Russia.thx

  2. I thought Serbians were slavs. I believe that is what Bogdan meant. Great job to all those honored!

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