2007 Nationals.

A good Easter Sunday afternoon from the University of Delaware Field House, in Newark, Delaware.
This is the super Sunday for all US Team Handball enthusiasts. The day when, for the next 12 months three teams in each division will claim supremacy over the rest of the participants.

As I write this, on Court 1, the Chicago Inter, to the light of a huuuuge Windy city contingent, have just won gold in the Men's Division, by defeating Knight Air 28:27. Joining them on the podium was the New England Freeze (a former Elite division team) who won their bronze medal game by doubling up Army Gold 38:16.

On Court 2, the Women's divison gold medal game is half way through the second half… Chicago Inter are 15 minutes away from defeating Cortland and a gold medal. An hour earlier the third place went to the Atlanta Condors Women, the lone Georgia representative, who won decisively over a heavily favored west coast Smurfs team. The final on that one: 30:21.

In the Elite division, the Inter of Chicago pulled away late in the game and withstood a wave of unsportsmanlike conducts and downright violent plays from NYAC. The referees were quick to punsih the the guilty parties and order was quickly restored. Let's face it, it wouldn't be "fun" without some fireworks of the "garden" city variety. It what is folks…

Court 1 is now hosting THE FINAL. The surprise team of the tournament, West Point's Army Black is down 6:1 to New York City… more on this game later.

Court 2 is all about Chicago. Chants of "Ole Ole Ole… Inter, Inter" fill the hangar looking Fiels House athletic arena. The Chicago Iner women have defeated Cortland by 3. 25:22. Gold to Chicago Inter, silver to Cortland who played very well and bronze to the Atlanta Condors