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Another [b][color=#cc0000]objective and factual description[/color][/b] of the current USA Team Handball situation and of the 2007 Nationals.
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  1. The second gauntlet after coach Mariusz. Which other club officials are going to join in and when will the self-proclaimed "leaders" respond, if at all?
    Is this the beginning of a movement to oust the incompetent, untrustworthy and conniving bunch, which has been pulling the strings for their own benefit for far too long?

  2. where is micheal chamberlin? I haven't heard him chime in yet to blame the whole thing on mike hurdle.

  3. You called? As I have said before, I have nothing personal against Mike Hurdle, but while it seems USOC has the sport stuck in neutral, both parties, (the previous NGB and administration)by failing to come up with suitable compromises, put us in reverse, and over a cliff. Unfortunately when bad things happen in organizations, the person on top usually falls on his sword. But when you try to do an end run around the NGB (even if they were pro status-quo), bad things happen.

    But since that's off-topic, I will stay on-topic by saying that I'm very glad that Chicago and Miami have stepped up to challenge the "leaders" on both sides and to say that having the federation restored with 'competent' leadership is the first in series of steps that will begin to popularize the sport of handball in the U.S.

    At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. But when the only two groups fail to come together for the sake of the sport, others must step forward to lead the way. And while two clubs have done this, we need more, particularly in the Northeast where several clubs are at a reasonably close distance to one another. Even so, the more clubs that stand up and say that we want to work together to restore the federation and to control our sport's destiny by ourselves, the more the USOC will have to listen to us.

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