2007 College Nationals – Final Stats.

[center]A total of 12 games were featured today at the Von Braun Convention Center,in downtown Huntsville, AL

Here are today's scores:


Below are the standings:


5 thoughts on “2007 College Nationals – Final Stats.

  1. Ouch! Basically 3 teams for the College Nationals. I think that is a low.

  2. The number of College teams has ebbed and flowed dramatically in the last 20 years or so. A separate Collegiate Championships is, in fact, a fairly recent addition to the USA Team Handball calendar. I’ve heard that they had a separate College Nationals in the early 80s, but that was before my time. In the late 80’s and early 90’s the College Championship often simply consisted of an Air Force – Army match during pool play at Nationals. There were other teams affiliated with colleges, but their rosters often included ineligible graduate students and other players who were not still attending college. Certainly more college programs are desired, though, and hopefully, this will improve in the near future.

  3. When I played for Ohio State in the late 1070's – middle 1980's as I remember the College champ was determined in pool play. And as you state, Army and Air Force were the only really legal college teams if you are talking about 4 year eligibility. [I think I played 8 or 9 years for OSU]
    I thought it was great to have a seperate College Nationals, and was pleased to see so man teams competing, I was just disappointed to see so few this year. Of course, when I played, we did have teams like Appalachian State and East Carolina. Too bad to see them not playing with North Carolina so active. Also U of Southern Cal, and Cal State Fullerton.

  4. Do not forget that there were 2 year schools as well that competed. Middle Georgia College was very competitive for a 2 year school. In fact, they beat UNC in 2002 for the Bronze at College Nats and West Point in 2001 for the Bronze. They also won the SETHC twice. Sadly, when Coach Parks retired, full time MGC staff member, the program faded away. MGC also was able to bring in several european students that would end up playing with the Condors in the Elite Division.

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